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Solid Reasons to Partner with us!

Few things are more important than the satisfaction of your hard-working employees. Unfortunately, nothing makes an employee more disgruntled than a late or short paycheck. When you hire a professional payroll company to process your payroll, you can enjoy optimal accuracy and reduce the risk of pays being late or inaccurate. This, in turn, helps to keep your employees happy while giving you some added peace of mind.


Business Women Planning

Innovation – In our products, services, and customer relationships
Proaction – In troubleshooting concerns and potential issues
Excellence– In every aspect of our performance, in every department
Integrity – In every decision, regardless if a cost to us
Accountability – To each other and to every client 

Locally owned and operated in Delaware for 20 years. 
We service clients locally and nationally offering our special brand of expertise and personal service our clients have come to appreciate.

the team

Rollyn Trueblood

Rollyn Trueblood worked for years as a Finance Officer in the US Army and Reserves, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He’s served as a Controller, supervising pay cage and cash operations.

Rollyn has a Masters in Business Administration from the Boston University Graduate School of Management, with an emphasis in Financial Management. His undergraduate degree is from the Ohio State University. Mr. Trueblood has been working in payroll for more than 30 years.

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