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There is no need to increase your overhead by hiring specialized employees to do your payroll. Outsource your payroll to Pursers Office, Inc. so we can handle the financial and legal complexities of your payroll efficiently.


Payroll is anything but easy. If you outsource your payroll to Pursers Office, Inc. you will save so much time not having to worry about data entry, researching new system updates or payroll laws.


The federal, state, and local government is constantly changing the payroll tax laws. Do you have extra time to read about the newest changes to the payroll tax laws? Probably not. Don’t waste any more time worrying about calculating your payroll taxes incorrectly. Give Pursers Office, Inc. a call now!


Does it hurt your head just thinking about the number of different reports the Government Requires? Pursers Office, Inc. wants to take some of the pressure off.

All of the reports at Pursers Office, Inc. are thorough and detailed. They are sure to cover all of the relevant areas of payroll including, sick days, paid vacation and compensation reporting. Outsource your payroll with Pursers Office, Inc. and they promise to provide you with comprehensive and user-friendly reporting.

We can prepare the following documents:

  • Worker's Compensation Audits
  • Voluntary deductions
  • Wage Garnishments
  • W-2 processing
  • 1099 processing
  • Preparation/assistance with Federal and State registration forms


  • Do you want time writing and folding checks? Or stuffing and stamping envelopes when other productive work could be done? Direct deposit not only saves you time but it also saves you money.
  • Direct deposit allows you to work around the costs associated with reissuing checks, investigating missing checks, and stopping payments that could be flagged by the bank.
  • Direct deposits is a more effective method than having human resources or a payroll staff manually issuing checks to employees.


Probably the most obvious reason to make direct deposit your form of payroll is because of employee convenience. Your employees can forget about having to go to the bank to wait in line to deposit a check. Another great aspect of direct deposit is that it's easy to change where the money ends up. If you originally have your money going to a secondary checking account and would instead like it transferred to a retirement fund or savings account, this is a very simple process. If you are interested in direct deposit, give Pursers Office, Inc. a call now! They want to handle it for you.

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